DY-100 1/350 Scale Physical Model Kit

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Now you can add an iconic ship to your 1/350 collection. The DY-100 1/350 scale physical model kit is 3d printed and ready to ship in limited numbers.

The DY-100 kit features loads of customization options. There are two rear engine options. The first is more screen accurate and the second one is more of a functional starship look with 3 large rocket engines.

The kit comes with extra cargo pods to allow you to build the ship with various payloads, either partial ring or full ring.

There are extra solar panels to allow you to build them in either a classic 2 panel configuration, or expand up to an 6 panel configuration. Brass rods are included with the kit to support the solar panel rig.

Also included is a sheet of decals with various DY-100 ship names to further allow you to customize your build. 

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