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1/350 USS Grissom Conversion Kit STL Download

1/350 USS Grissom Conversion Kit STL Download

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Downloadable STL files for custom upgrade parts.

The U.S.S. Grissom Conversion Kit has everything you need top really bring the Polar Lights / Round 2 1/350 Scale U.S.S. Grissom kit to life.

Included in the kit are files that allow you to detail multiple sections of the U.S.S. Grissom including optional lighting parts for the warp nacelles, impulse crystals and impulse engine as well as an optional rear shuttle bay that’s only big enough to fit a TNG style shuttlepod.

There are also parts to make two different conversions including the Jester Class Corvette gunboat variation featuring a Mirada Class style Photon Torpedo Launcher and an Fisher Class tanker conversion with modular cargo pods and an optional large shuttlebay. There are 3 Shuttles as well as a PDF decal sheet for the shuttle bay floor insignia as well as PDF decal sheets for the Jester and Fisher class names and registries.

· Files are provided in an unsupported version, for your convenience. Create your own support frames to suit your particular printer.
· Files are provided "as is" and have been tested on an SLA printer. We cannot guarantee that STL files are optimized for every software system or 3D printer. We are not obligated or able to provide tech support for files used on your particular printer.

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