1/1000 Abbe Class Destroyer STL File Download

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Downloadable STL files for custom upgrade parts.

These files are designed to build a 1/1000 Scale Abbe Class Destroyer. The files provide for options to print in clear and opaque resins for lighting. There are 2 upper saucer options and 2 lower saucer options as well as 2 bridge and 2 sensor dome options. There have been various schematics of this ship over the years with certain inconsistencies so the parts allow you to build whichever version you like.

· Files are provided in an unsupported version, for your convenience. Create your own support frames to suit your particular printer.
· Files are provided "as is" and have been tested on an SLA printer. We cannot guarantee that STL files are optimized for every software system or 3D printer. We are not obligated or able to provide tech support for files used on your particular printer.

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