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Update: With the high humidity, we've been experiencing and working through some print errors. There are not many, but roughly two dozen outstanding orders that we're working on printing right now. Modelwerks is also relocating to the Philadelphia suburb area. The location is a way more conducive workspace, which also has better climate control! We're super excited about the new locale because we have so many kits and expansions planned for the store.

Considering the move, we are pausing shipping orders from Friday through August 2nd to catch up on orders in a climate that allows for the top-notch production/print quality you've come to enjoy from us. We're currently out-of-stock on kits until the current batch goes out the door. Make sure that you're signed up for our Away Team because we'll announce new releases and re-stocks after we've moved to our shiny new home. If you're not, you can sign up here:

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